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Ashes Farm Environmental Statement

We recognise that we play an important role in protecting the environment for the future generations and to help protect the long-term sustainability of the Tourism Industry.

We have tried really hard to support the environment in running our own business. We have very much tried to support the end of plastic pollution campaign and #Plasticpromise

  • We have always used dispensers for shower gel, fresh milk in reusable flasks, reusable metal containers for Tea, Coffee and sugar and our homemade biscuits in reusable plastic containers to cut the amount of one-use plastic.

  • We have moved over to Glass bottles containing our own Ashes Farm water. Rather than plastic bottles. But if you would like a bottle of water, please let us know. We have to have these on standby if our own water supply fails for any reason.

  • We make our own Marmalade using recycled jars, we use jars of jam rather than single portions to cut the amount of plastic.

  • The house has energy efficient lighting and appliances throughout including guest room televisions, AAA washing machine and tumble drier.

  • We minimise the use of paper in the office and re-use and recycle all paper where possible.

  • Cleaning materials will be as environmentally friendly as possible, as we are on a septic tank. So please do not flush anything down to toilet apart from toilet tissue. 

  • We feed unused toast to the birds, and compost fruit waste

  • We reuse and recycle our paper, glass, plastic, card and tins

  • We have a compost bin for our compostable waste recycling up to 80% of our waste


You can also play your part while staying in our bed and breakfast.

  • Please ensure you turn off all lights and electrical equipment when leaving your room.

  • Close the window or leave on the latch if the heating is on. We only put the heating on when necessary, but if you are cold please let us know.

  • Respect the environment during your stay and while you are in the national park.

Please help us to support the environment!

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