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Dark Skies – Stargazing in the Yorkshire Dales

The Yorkshire Dales has been designated an International Dark Sky Reserve, one of the things that make the Dales such a special place. You can get fantastic night sky views anywhere in the National Park. There are four Dark Sky Discovery Sites around the Park: Malham, Buckden, Hawes and Tan Hill Inn (the highest pub in the British Isles). We at Ashes Farm are a stargazing friendly place to stay and registered as a Dark Skies friendly business with the Yorkshire Dales​

For further information and local events please visit or

darkskiesfestival  or gostargazinguk


Ribblehead Viaduct in the Yorkshire Dales at night by Andy Ward

Ashes Farm's Stargazing Checklist


Be appropriately dressed, wear layers of clothing and don't forget to wear gloves and a hat, especially one that covers your ears in the Spring and Autumn months.


Take a red torch, this will avoid the issues of losing your dark-adapted vision.


Take a flask of hot Tea, Coffee or Hot Chocolate. Please ask us and we will make it.


Please bring with you :-


Telescope (optional)

Stargazing Book

Planisphere (star wheel)

Fleece Blanket

We have a collection of books and blankets that can be borrowed.

Phone apps

Bearing in mind the caveat that phones can adversely affect your night vision, they are a fantastic way of learning your way around the nighttime skies. There are now many mobile phone apps that can present a real-time view of the night sky – many use the phone’s GPS, compass and built-in inclinometer to mirror the way the device is pointing giving you access to all sorts of information about the object your phone is pointed at.

Star Walk 2

Sky Safari

Meteor Shower 


ISS Detector

AuroraWatch UK

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